Green Party: London arms fair must ban Saudi Arabia and human rights abusers

6 September 2017

Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party, will today call on the DSEI arms fair to ban Saudi Arabia and other countries on Boris Johnson’s human rights watchlist [1] from attending.
This afternoon Bartley will join campaigners [2] disrupting the arrival of weapons at the ExCel Centre in London [3], where the arms fair will be held next week, in a bid to stop the fair from taking place.
Bartley will also call on the Government to stop supplying Saudi Arabia and other countries on Boris Johnson's human rights watchlist with arms, and urge it to put pressure on DSEI to ban them.

In a speech to campaigners, Bartley is expected to say:

"This deadly display of weaponry is a stain upon our country's reputation. We should be forging a future based on modern technologies and peacebuilding, not flogging guns to the highest bidder.

"The military industrial complex has truly infected this country's politics, and as weapons dealers descend on the Docklands we know that civilians in Yemen and elsewhere are suffering the consequences of this infection.
"There's simply no excuse for repressive regimes to be allowed into the arms fair – but there is still time for DSEI to act, and ban Saudi Arabia and other countries on Boris Johnson’s human rights watch list from attending.
“The Government has a real chance to lead by example by banning all arms sales to Saudi Arabia and human rights abusers, and placing pressure on DSEI to keep them out of the show.”
2. Jonathan Bartley will deliver a speech to campaigners at 1pm on Wednesday 6 September, at the ExCel Centre, London, E16 1XL.

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