Green Party MP and Co-Leader launches Hurricane Irma crowdfunder

8 September 2017

Green Party MP and Co-Leader, Caroline Lucas, has joined forces with Crowdpac to launch an emergency appeal for the victims of Hurricane Irma. All funds donated will go directly to the Red Cross and other humanitarian efforts on the ground.

The hurricane  is the most powerful superstorm ever recorded in the Atlantic and has caused massive destruction to the Caribbean islands in its path, including Anguilla and Barbuda. It is now working its way north.

Yesterday in Parliament, Lucas challenged the UK government to take bolder action. She has started the Crowdpac campaign to help those in immediate humanitarian need, while also highlighting the role of governments in the climate breakdown that’s making storms like Irma both more likely and more severe.

Lucas said:

“Climate breakdown is happening now and people’s lives and homes are being destroyed as a result. It’s heart-breaking to see. Yet the UK Government has consistently refused to take the urgent action required to keep global temperatures within safe limits - and we want it to properly deal with the full consequences of its actions.  We cannot stand aside and do nothing whilst people’s lives are turned upside down by climate chaos. Please give what you can to the crowdfunder and help put pressure on governments all around the world to face up to the realities of climate change and not ignore its victims.”

Paul Hilder, co-founder of Crowdpac, said: "People everywhere are appalled to see the devastation of Hurricane Irma. Caroline has taken the lead in connecting this emergency to the climate crisis and calling for bolder action. Her crowdfunder is a way for citizens to help those on the frontline, while challenging government to do more. Crowdpac is of course waiving its own fees on all donations."

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