Green Party responds to expansion of badger cull

11 September 2017

The Green Party has responded to the Government’s announcement that the badger cull will be expanded to 11 new areas [1].

Jonathan Bartley, Green Party co-leader, said:

“The badger cull is not only inhumane but ineffective. This is a black and white issue, thousands of badgers are dying a slow, painful death for absolutely no reason. There is very little evidence to support the government’s claims that the cull will prevent the spread of TB, but as the science against the badger cull gets stronger, the Government simply expands the cull every year. One of Britain’s most beloved animals is being pushed to the brink of extinction - it’s unsustainable, cruel and expensive, costing taxpayers £40 million over the last four years.

“In the Government’s announcement today it focused on the relaunch of the vaccinations programme [2], which the Green Party supports. It appears they are hoping to sneak out the expansion of the cull, which they know is unpopular and shameful. The fact the vaccinations programme is being reintroduced shows that the Government accepts there are alternatives to the cull, making it all the more pointless and barbaric.

“It’s time to end this cruel approach and fully roll out a humane vaccinations programme for both badgers and cows, and introduce rigorous TB testing and strict biosecurity measures. We must also tackle the intensification of farming which worsens the spread of TB.”



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