Green Party: Cruel Government deporting man wanted by Taliban

12 September 2017

The Green Party has warned the Home Office will have “blood on its hands” if it goes through with plans to deport a man threatened with beheading by the Taliban.

Reports claim the Home Office will force Samim Bigzad to board a flight to Afghanistan this morning (Tuesday 12 September) [1] despite the fact he is wanted by the Taliban.

Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party, said:

"Only a cold, cruel Government would push through this deportation. The Home Office could end up blood on its hands if it sends Samim Bigzad to Afghanistan and I urge it to reconsider. After military involvement in the country for 13 years it is appalling that the Government would see to wash its hands. We have a moral duty to offer refuge to those fleeing conflict and persecution in Afghanistan.”


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