Sit-in against HS2 construction reaches eighth consecutive day

24 October 2017

Activists protesting against HS2 preparatory works have reached the eighth day of their sit-in.

The campaigners have been camping at a site off Harvil Road in Harefield where a construction company has been felling trees in preparation for HS2 construction [1].

They believe that the works are being carried out illegally because no planning permission has been granted. They are worried that the works, currently taking place in a protected woodland, is going to cause enormous damage to habitats and wildlife.

Sarah Green, 62, from Hillingdon and a member of the Green Party, is one of the protesters who has been at the site since 16 October.

Green said:

“HS2 Limited and their contractors need to know that we are not going anywhere. Now that HS2 have started their enabling works, they have their sights set on forest clearance and wetland drainage in 300 acres of woodland in West London. That only means we are going to step up our protests, not shy away. Their plans would alter the natural balance of the environment, of our air, water and habitats. It cannot be allowed to happen.”



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