Government list ‘50 secret studies’ sectors, but fail to satisfy MEP threatening court action

30 October 2017

Molly Scott Cato MEP, who is threatening court action if the government fails to release details of studies they have carried out into the impacts of Brexit, has said announcing the sectors it has analysed raises more questions than answers.

Molly, who has made several unsuccessful attempts to obtain the details of the studies, including one Freedom of Information request, has said naming the sectors, without any details of what the studies say, will do nothing to reassure businesses, public services or the public as they prepare for life outside the EU. Molly said:

“Fascinating as it might be to see a list of sectors the government consider will be affected by Brexit, that’s all it is: a list. It raises more questions than answers. Farmers want to know how the agriculture, animal health and food and drinks manufacturing sector will actually be affected. Likewise, doctors, nurses and carers will want to know the impacts of Brexit on the medical services and social care sector.  

“If the government think that producing a list of sectors will satisfy, they can think again. This will do nothing to reassure businesses, public services or the public or help them prepare for life outside the EU.

“Time is running out. Within the next two weeks the government will be dragged in front of the courts if they continue to sit on the results of these studies.”

Molly has teamed up with The Good Law Project and together they demanded the government release the studies within a fortnight. The 14-day deadline has now elapsed without the studies being released. Lawyers are now considering what steps to take next as they seek to force the government to release the studies.  

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