Greens: "Latest detention statistics reveal catalogue of horrors"

30 November 2017

Green Party Co-Leader Jonathan Bartley has responded to the release of the latest asylum detention statistics, labelling them a "catalogue of horrors."

The data, released this morning by the government [1], appears to show that:

- The total of number of asylum seekers detained in British detention centres has increased in the last quarter by 522

- The number of children detained in the last quarter has increased by 12

- The number who have been deported has also increased by 44

- The longest resident of a detention seeker has now been there 1845 days, over 5 years

Bartley said:

“The publication today of the latest detention statistics reveals a catalogue of horrors. Britain is detaining more asylum seekers, more children, and doing this for longer. And rather than help asylum seekers find refuge, more and more are just being sent back to the countries they came from – often to face torture and death. These statistics highlight an asylum system which fails to reach basic levels decency and humanity.

“Rather than locking up people indefinitely, the government should be looking at how it can welcome, settle, and support asylum seekers. Britain should be processing asylum claims in local communities and offering far more support to help asylum seekers get on in this country – things like English lessons, training, and counselling to help them overcome the horrors they have faced. The current system is a shame on Britain and a shame on this government.”



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