Greens: Climate change omission moment Trump authority expired

18 December 2017

Green Party Co-Leader Jonathan Bartley has said the decision by Donald Trump to omit climate change from the US security strategy marks the moment when his authority “expired”.

Earlier today it was revealed [1] that, in a dramatic change from President Obama’s priorities, the Trump administration will drop climate change from a list of global threats in a new National Security Strategy.

Mr Bartley said:

“The first responsibility of any political leader is the protection and security of those in their charge. This will go down in history as the moment the US president abdicated responsibility for his country. Trump’s authority had already gone well past its sell-by date. Now it has positively expired. 

“All across America communities are rejecting his reckless leadership and he is being shunned abroad. His willful ignorance of the threats that the world faces and his denial of scientific fact will surely consign him to the same historical category as King Canute."



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