Greens: We need a “rail fare revolution”

2 January 2018

*Co-Leader brands fare increases a “modern-day great train robbery”

*Party unveils package of reforms to bring down rail fares

The Green Party has announced a package of reforms that they say would bring down the cost of rail travel.

The launch comes as thousands of rail commuters are hit by the annual increase in ticket prices. Fares have gone up by 3.4% for 2018, the biggest increase in five years [1].

Under Green Party plans, fares would be reduced through a number of policies including:

*The creation of a National Railcard offering discounts on rail tickets

*A new scheme providing reduced ticket prices for low income travellers

*A National system which entitles people to travel on all public transport networks

The party would also bring the railways back into public ownership - a move they say would pump far more investment into the infrastructure and bring down fares.

Co-Leader of the Green Party Jonathan Bartley said:

“Very few workers will be going back to the office with a higher salary this week - but every one of them that commutes by train will be paying a higher price for their rail fares.

“While the cost of motoring has fallen the cost of rail travel has increased. This is a modern day great train robbery. 

“It makes no sense for major public services to be broken up into disconnected monopolies, driven not to provide the best possible service but to deliver profits to shareholders. That’s why the Green Party is calling for railways to be brought back into public hands to create a connected, efficient, and reliable service that delivers for customers. And it is why we are calling for new action to immediately bring down the cost of fares to ensure that everyone – no matter what their income or where they live – can access an affordable, reliable, and quality rail service.”



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