Green Party: Ineos health campaign blatant attempt to detoxify image

9 April 2018

The Green Party has accused fossil fuel company Ineos of make a “blatant attempt to detoxify their image” after it launched a healthy living campaign [1].

Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party, has called on Ineos to prove it really cares about children’s health by investing in renewable energy instead of fracking.

Bartley said:

“Even Ineos cannot fail to see the obvious irony of a healthy living campaign run by a fossil fuel company. Fracking is dirty and dangerous – any drilling for gas will put our climate targets out of reach and risks contaminating local air, water and soil. If Ineos really cared about our children’s health and futures they would stop fracking and invest in clean, renewable energy. As it stands this blatant attempt to detoxify their image is fooling no one.”


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