Greens: Latest zero-hours contract figures prove Tories continuing complacency over insecure work

23 April 2018

The Green Party of England and Wales today expressed their anger at the Office of National Statistic report that the number of zero-hours contracts in UK rose by 100,000 in 2017. [1]

Co-Leader Jonathan Bartley said that today’s news underlined how the Conservative Party could not be trusted to uphold workers’ rights. He said:

“We are living in the age of insecurity under the Conservatives. How can anyone be expected to plan, to save or to live if they don’t know how long they are going to work or how much they will earn week to week?

“The Government has known that this was a problem for at least half a decade, and yet have continued to show complacency over insecure work. The Government needs to get a grip, and not just stem the tide of exploitative zero hours contracts but get rid of them altogether." 



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