Green Party – Home office revelations confirm fears that department is “rotten to the core”

26 April 2018

The Green Party of England and Wales today responded to the news that the Home Office have had targets set for the deportation of undocumented migrants, despite Amber Rudd telling the house that they hadn’t. [1]

Co-leader Jonathan Bartley felt that the news was further proof that Theresa May’s “hostile environment” was fundamentally unjust.

“This has confirmed our worst fears about the Home Office. You can’t set targets for people you want to kick out without deciding that some people won’t get a fair hearing, because there’s a quota to meet by the end of the year.

“Add the context of the Windrush scandal to this whole affair and what you have is proof that the Home Office is rotten to the core and not acting in the interests of the most vulnerable. The fact that they’ve tried to cover this up shows that even they know this isn’t right.”



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