Caroline Lucas: New Home Secretary must 'stop the rot'

30 April 2018

Caroline Lucas, the Green Party co-leader, has called for the Home Office to be put in 'special measures' and for the new Home Secretary to end the hostile environment. She said the Prime Minister has overseen the 'state-sponsored cruelty of Britain's immigration system'.

Caroline Lucas said:

"Amber Rudd's resignation was necessary, but it will not stop the rot. This latest crisis, and the hostile environment for migrants, goes to the heart of government - and has been overseen by the Prime Minister herself. She must take personal responsibility for overhauling the state-sponsored cruelty of Britain's immigration system, put the Home Office in special measures and a appoint a new Home Secretary willing to ditch institutional callousness and indifference in this great office of state.

"A new Home Secretary should start their term in office with a radical shakeup of the system. That means pledging to end indefinite detention, a review of the cruel charter flights which ship people out of the country without recourse to justice - and a Commission to look at wider policy with a view to ridding the immigration system of the inhumanity which pervades it."


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