Green Party calls on Theresa May to sack Amber Rudd

27 April 2018

The Green Party has called on Theresa May to remove Amber Rudd from office as Home Secretary after it has been revealed she knew about Home Office deportation targets – despite claiming to be unaware [1].

Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party, also called on the Prime Minister to launch an inquiry into failings at the Home Office.

Bartley said:

“Amber Rudd has embraced and presided over a Home Office which is rotten to its core. The horror of the Windrush scandal, the inhumanity of deportation targets and the contempt of the Home Secretary to repeatedly mislead Parliament reveals just how deeply this poison runs.

“Theresa May must remove Amber Rudd as Home Secretary and launch a fully independent inquiry into the Home Office’s failings. Britain urgently needs a humane immigration policy which will only be brought about by root and branch reform.”



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