Greens: Labour’s immigration policy raises serious concerns

1 May 2018

The Green Party has warned that Labour’s immigration policy raises “serious concerns which need addressing”, saying the party’s policies fall short of the progressive, humane system Britain needs.

The warning comes after Diane Abbott dismissed an amnesty for illegal immigrants who have been in the UK for ten years while appearing on Question Time last week (Thursday 26 April) [1], followed by Barry Gardiner saying he supports deportation targets on Daily Politics yesterday (Monday 30 April) [2].

Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party, called on progressive parties to stand together for:

  • An overarching inquiry into Home Office policy making
  • An end to deportation targets
  • An end to the detention system
  • A moratorium on charter flight removals
  • An end of dehumanising language around migrants

Jonathan Bartley said:

“Scratch the surface of Labour’s immigration policy and there are serious concerns which need addressing. It has been disappointing to watch Diane Abbott’s dismissal of an amnesty for long term illegal immigrants, followed by Barry Gardiner’s support for deportation targets.

“At a time when it is more important than ever to hold the Government and the Home office to account, Labour falls short of the progressive, humane immigration policy we need. The official opposition should be standing up for those who have built their lives in Britain and contributed here, and calling for deportation targets to end for good.

“At this critical moment in the Home Office’s history progressive parties must fight together for an overarching inquiry into Home Office policy making, to shut down the cruel detention system, a moratorium on charter flight removals, and an end of dehumanising language around migrants.”




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