Green co-leader wins Lambeth council seat in record breaking elections

4 May 2018

  • Jonathan Bartley becomes only party leader in England to serve as elected councillor
  • Greens win record numbers of councillors and seats on record number of local authorities
  • Bartley one of four new Greens elected to Lambeth council bringing total to five
  • Greens now main opposition in Lambeth

Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party, has been elected to Lambeth council to become the only leader of a political party in England to serve as a local councillor.

Greens are now the official opposition on Lambeth council after Bartley was elected as councillor for St Leonards ward in Streatham. Bartley is one of four new Greens elected to Lambeth council alongside Scott Ainslie who held his seat, making a total of five Greens.

The wins comes despite intense efforts by Lambeth Labour to wipe Green representation from the council. [1]

The gains in Lambeth add to a record breaking local elections for the Greens who have won their highest number of councillors ever at 173, on the highest number of local authorities ever at 68. 

The Green Party has made net gains of eight councillors, and net gains of councils with Green representation of five. Greens are the main opposition on Lambeth, Islington, Solihull, Mid Suffolk and Norwich. 

Greens now have 11 councillors in London after gaining four seats and holding one seat in Lambeth, gaining four seats in Richmond, holding Sian Berry's seat in Camden and holding Caroline Russell's seat in Islington.

Bartley stood for election in Lambeth on a platform of protecting estates, libraries and police numbers.

Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party and Lambeth councillor, said:

“It’s a privilege to be the only party leader in England elected to serve as a local councillor. In the Green Party we believe in the power of local - and leading by example.

“From Sheffield to Solihull to here in Lambeth where Greens are elected they win for local communities and we are adding to our numbers as a result.

“These wins in Lambeth come despite a Lambeth Labour Party which targeted the council's one Green councillor in a bid to wipe all opposition from the council.

“Greens have cracked open Lambeth Labour’s one party state and I look forward to getting to work holding them to account and standing up for the community here.

“It’s been a great local elections for the Green Party. Thanks to the hard work of our candidates, members and campaigners we have established ourselves as England’s fourth party and an electoral force to be reckoned with.




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