Green Party to launch 2018 leadership elections

28 May 2018

  • Nominations open Friday 1 June - Friday 29 June 2018
  • Members to vote between 30 July and 31 August 2018

The Green Party will launch its 2018 leadership and executive elections this Friday (June 1) when nominations open.

Nominations will be open until 29 June for the positions of leader and deputy leader, as well as almost every position of the Green Party executive [1]. Members will then have one month to vote for between 30 July and 31 August, with results announced shortly after.

The Green Party’s constitution requires candidates for leader or deputy leader to have been a member of the party for the three complete years before the close of nominations, and for a nomination to be supported by signatures from a minimum of twenty party members.

Members will vote by single transferable vote, with ballots issued by them via email and, where required, paper copies.

A Green Party spokesperson said:

“The Green Party is proud to be a democratic party with members and supporters at its heart. Green Party members are central to all decision making, and in the next few months will decide who leads the party into the future.”



Green Party Executive posts currently confirmed to be elected for a two year term:
•    Leader
•    Deputy Leader
•    Chair
•    Campaigns Co-Ordinator
•    Elections Co-Ordinator
•    External Communications Co-Ordinator
•    International Co-Ordinator
•    Management Co-Ordinator
•    Trade Union Liaison Officer
Casual vacancies currently confirmed to be elected for a one year term:
•    Finance Co-Ordinator
•    Equality and Diversity Co-Ordinator
•    Policy Co-Ordinator

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