Womack: Welsh Labour rolling back on energy pledges “utterly shameless"

8 June 2018


Green Party of England and Wales Deputy Leader Amelia Womack this week reacted to Welsh Labour’s decision to vote against Plaid Cyrmru’s motion for a nationally owned energy company for Wales, despite nationalising energy being part of the 2017 Labour manifesto. [1]

Womack said:

“Carwyn Jones said that the tidal lagoon decision was a kick in the teeth, yet he has the gall to go against his own party’s manifesto pledges on a national energy company. This is utterly shameless.

“Wales should be able to produce its own energy and to do so we need a national energy company who will put public and environmental interests over the need to generate profit for shareholders. It’s deeply disappointing to see that Labour don’t stand by that when push comes to shove.”

[1] https://seneddhome.com/2018/06/labour-sidesteps-2017-manifesto-pledge-favouring-publicly-owned-energy/



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