Lucas: Climate Change progress report “a flashing red light on the dashboard”

28 June 2018

Responding to today’s Committee on Climate Change progress report, Caroline Lucas calls it "a flashing red light on the dashboard".

Lucas said:

"When even their own advisers have lost faith in this Government's approach to tackling climate change, it's clear we have reached crisis point. The Government should see this much stronger language from the Committee on Climate Change as a flashing red light on the dashboard - this is a national wake up call to Ministers who have for years failed to put in place the necessary policies to actually deliver the emission reductions we so urgently need.

"Yet from ditching onshore wind to ploughing millions into fracking, green-lighting climate-busting runways to burying their heads in the sand on building warm homes, this Government has done much the opposite. Ministers continue to fail to grasp the scale of the challenge we face - but also our collective capacity, as a nation, to overcome it. Now is the time to build an energy system built on the resources that we have in abundance: sun, sea and wind."

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