Green Party “bitterly disappointed” by High Court’s decision on Cuadrilla injunction

11 July 2018

The Green Party of England and Wales have today expressed their disappointment at the decision by the High Court to maintain the injunction through to 2020 on protesting outside Cuadrilla’s proposed fracking site at Preston New Road, Lancashire [1].

Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley, who visited the site last month to put questions from local residents to the bosses at Cuadrilla, made it clear that the party would continue to stand behind the local community in their struggle against the company. He was previously forcibly removed from a fracking site last year and is committed to supporting the right to peaceful protest and non-violent direct action.

Bartley said:

“This is an incredibly sad day for the right to protest peacefully. We’re bitterly disappointed by this result, but the fight will continue and we will stand together with all those resisting this destructive industry.

“Fracking has no place in our energy mix and we will fight it tooth and nail.”



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