Green Party: Grayling shown contempt for rail workers and passengers

15 August 2018

The Green Party has responded to news rail fares will increase by 3.2% next year [1], while the Transport Secretary has announced plans for an effective cap on rail workers’ pay [2] by using a different, lower measure of inflation to set wages.

Amelia Womack, deputy leader of the Green Party, said:

“Chris Grayling has left no doubt about where his loyalties lie - with the private companies running our railways, not those who work on or use them.

“The announcements of plans for an effective cap on rail workers’ pay, and yet more fare increases outstripping wages, lay bare Grayling’s contempt for those who depend on Britain’s railways.

“Instead of making passengers and workers foot the bill for his failings, Grayling should be making the train operators enjoying eye watering profits pay their fair share.

“But with fares rising as services descend in chaos it’s ultimately time Britain’s railways were brought back into public hands.”





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