Green Party: Corbyn’s support would make People’s Vote unstoppable

15 January 2019

Amelia Womack, deputy leader of the Green Party, will today call on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour front bench to throw their weight behind the campaign for a People’s Vote on Brexit.

Womack will make the call during a speech at a rally for a People’s Vote in Parliament Square today at about 4pm [1].

 She is expected to call on Labour to “listen to its members” after a poll found 72% back a People’s Vote [2].

 Womack is expected to say (check against delivery):

“Whatever happens when MPs vote tonight, tomorrow all sides of this debate must come together to collectively find a way forwards. That means going back to the British people, asking them what they want and giving them a People’s Vote.

“So let’s be honest about what we need to get there. We have seen support for a People’s Vote is growing every single day - with more and more Conservatives giving their support. But we need the Labour front bench to get on board. Today as we wait for this historic moment we ask Labour to do what is right, to listen to its members - and to get behind a People’s Vote.

“Because while without Jeremy Corbyn this campaign feels truly winnable, we know that with him it would be unstoppable.”



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