Green deputy leader backs Monbiot’s acclaim of ecocide campaigner

28 March 2019


Green Party of England and Wales deputy leader Amelia Womack [1] backed George Monbiot’s championing on Polly Higgins and her efforts to make ecocide a recognised international crime [2]. 

Womack  has worked with the End Ecocide campaign to work to collect a million signatures from across Europe for a European Citizens Initiative, and has spoken at press conferences for the campaign.

Womack said:

"Polly is a pioneer - working to ensure that our planet is protected by clear legislation that would dramatically change the way that business and governments have to operate. Her vision and leadership are inspirational. 

"I met Polly in 2013 and she inspired me to write my MSc thesis on Ecocide after reading her book 'Earth is Our Business'. Not only is she an incredible and thought provoking writer, but the vision she outlined for a better planet has stayed with me. She has influenced me politically, outlining how we need a change in policy to press a reset button on our institutionalised environmentally destructive practices. I am proud that the Green Party has followed her lead and embedded ending ecocide into our policies. 

"In an era of record temperatures [3], mass extinction and when plastic pollution is entering our food chain, her campaign to end ecocide is more relevant than ever. Her vision is one that will continue to spur on generations of environmentalists, and challenge the operations of governments and business." 

[1] Amelia Womack is the Green party candidate in the Newport West by-election

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