Greens stand ready to fight EU elections

4 April 2019

In the wake of the Cooper-Letwin bill passing through the Commons last night, the Green Party has welcomed the prospect of a longer extension to Article 50 to ‘provide valuable breathing space’ and allow European elections to take place.

Molly Scott Cato MEP, Green Party Brexit spokesperson, said:

“A longer extension would give the country valuable breathing space for more democratic engagement and provide an opportunity for the many millions of people who believe our best future lies in the EU to vote for pro-EU, pro-remain candidates in the European elections. 

“The Green Party stands ready to fight EU elections. We plan to use these democratic and proportional elections to mobilise one of the strongest pro-EU movements anywhere on the continent and champion a fairer, greener, more democratic EU.

"A strong vote for pro-European candidates will massively increase the chances of winning a future People’s Vote so we can begin to heal our divided communities and our relationship with our EU neighbours.  

“Politicians could and should also use this time to address the causes that gave rise to feelings of powerlessness, alienation and being left behind which prompted so many to vote leave in 2016.

“Of course, many will seek to use this period to further ferment hatred. We must be on our guard against the forces that will continue to mislead, misrepresent and undermine our democracy. It is also essential we continue to expose those who lied, cheated and broke the law in the European referendum campaign of 2016.”

The Green Party of England and Wales has in recent weeks been preparing for European elections by selecting their list of candidates. The results from each region will be announced over the next two weeks.

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