Green Party statement on fielding joint remain lists

18 April 2019

The Green Party welcomes the European Elections and the enthusiasm being shown for them by those who, like us, believe we must do everything possible to stay in the European Union. The Green Party is the largest remain party in the EU Parliament, with the largest number of MEPs and is currently the lead remain party in the polls. We are the most credible choice for pro-EU voters. 


In terms of joint lists, the deadline for formal arrangements passed before the EU Council meeting on 10 April, which granted the “flextension” that makes fighting the European elections possible. As far as informal arrangements are concerned, no party has made any approach to us about them, and claims that we have turned down overtures are untrue, since none have been made. We understand, however, that Change UK has in any case ruled them out.


While we agree with other remain parties on continued membership of the European Union, we have fundamental ideological differences on other issues - not least on the urgent priority of bold action on the accelerating climate crisis, and on major economic transformation.


The European Parliament elections are conducted under a proportional system, meaning that, unlike the UK parliamentary voting system, you are much freer to vote for what you believe in. In the last European Elections The Green Party finished 4th, above the Liberal Democrats, and had 3 hard working and effective MEPs elected. 


The Green Party is clear that our country's best future lies within the EU, with as many Green MEPs as possible elected to help bring about the improvements and reforms to the EU that we believe are necessary. We understand why many people voted to leave. The status quo is intolerable and we are pushing for the reforms necessary in both the UK and the EU to make a transition away from the current system - one which fails us all so badly, and hits the most vulnerable hardest. 


We welcome the votes of all pro-EU voters to help us to achieve this aim, as well as those who are more skeptical about the EU, but realise that Brexit is a recipe for chaos.


We stand firmly against the rise of hate, and we reject the rhetoric and dog-whistle politics used to stoke further division.  


Our energies, and those of all those who support remaining in the EU, are now best spent actively campaigning to maximise the pro-EU vote and resisting the rise of the far right.

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