‘We are the party for now, and for the future’ say Greens as they announce European Candidates​

24 April 2019

The Green Party has today announced its lead candidates in all 9 English regions and Wales to fight the European elections. The list includes: Molly Scott Cato, MEP for the South West and Brexit spokesperson, who has consistently championed a People’s Vote within the European Parliament; Magid Magid, outgoing Lord Mayor of Sheffield who banned Donald Trump from the city; Gina Dowding, Lancashire councillor and prominent anti-fracking campaigner at Preston New Road; Alex Phillips, Deputy Mayor of Brighton and Hove and Scott Ainslie, a councillor in Lambeth who made his name fighting housing demolitions.


The Greens will fight the election under the banner ‘For now. For the future’ and will highlight a policy platform which says ‘Yes to Europe, No to Climate change.


The Green Party is the UK's biggest pro remain party in the European Parliament, and have led the calls for a People’s Vote across the country. In Westminster, Caroline Lucas has been the driving force in Parliament and has consistently held the government to account.  The Green Party are the most credible option for those who want to remain in the European Union and the most likely to deliver the change necessary, and the natural home for those who want to see urgent action on climate change.


But beyond Brexit, the Greens are the only party fighting on a remain platform which consistently champions free movement and clean energy, while opposing austerity and climate damaging infrastructure. The Greens come without the need for a rebrand and name change to erase their history.


Molly Scott Cato MEP, lead candidate for the Green Party in the South West region, has said the Green Party are the real party of change with a strong track record on changing Europe.


Molly Scott Cato said:


‘Polls show that Greens are the most popular pro-EU Party standing in this election and Green votes are more likely to send pro-EU MEPs to Brussels than votes for any other party. We are unflinchingly pro-European. We have led the national movement for a people’s vote and unequivocally defend freedom of movement – the right to study, work, travel and love across our continent.’’


Magid Magid said:


‘Remaining in Europe is priority, particularly for young people. We must protect our right to freely move across 27 other European countries. But this election is also massive chance to do politics differently and to make real change.


‘Greens don’t just want to remain in the EU, we want to transform it. Green MEPs will fight for serious climate action, to protect migrant rights and build a shared, equal future for all our constituents and all Europeans. Green MEPs will stand for your future. Elect Greens and we will deliver on the defining issues of our time.’


Full list of Green Party candidates:


Catherine Rowett

Rupert Read

Martin Schmierer

Fiona Radic

Paul Jeater

Pallavi Devulapalli

Jeremy Caddick


East Midlands

Kat Boettge

Gerhard Lohmann-Bond

Liam McLelland

Daniel Wimberley

Simon Tooke

Carl Benfield



Scott Ainslie

Gulnar Hasnain

Shahrar Ali

Rachel Collinson

Eleanor Margolies

Remco van der Stoep

Kirsten de Keyser

Peter Underwood


North East

Rachel Featherstone

Jonathan Elmer

Dawn Furness


North West

Gina Dowding

Wendy Olsen

Jessica Northey

Geraldine Coggins

Rosie Mills

Astrid Johnson

Daniel Jerrome

James Booth


South East

Alexandra Phillips

Elise Benjamin

Vix Lowthion

Leslie Groves Williams

Phelim Mac Cafferty

Jan Doerful

Larry Sanders

Isabella Moir

Oliver Sykes

Jonathan Essex


South West

Molly Scott Cato

Cleo Lake

Carla Denyer

Tom Scott

Martin Dimery

Karen La Borde



Anthony Slaughter

Ian Chandler

Ceri Davies

Duncan Rees


West Midlands

Ellie Chowns

Diana Toynbee

Paul Woodhead

Julian Dean

Louis Stephens

Helen Heathfield

Kefentse Dennis


Yorkshire and the Humber

Magid Magid

Alison Teal

Andrew Cooper

Louise Houghton

Lars Kramm

Ann Forsaith

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