Campaigning Green MEP candidate says progress too slow on Cambridge University divestment

7 May 2019

University "in grave danger of being a laggard"

"In the age of climate emergency, this issue is not going to go away"

Responding to the announcement today from Cambridge University that it had agreed to provide fully costed plans setting out how it could divest multibillion-pound endowments from fossil fuel corporations (1), with the report due in six months, Jeremy Caddick, a former member of the university council, a position from which he campaigned for divestment, said:

"Seventy six UK universities, holding £12 billion in fossil fuel assets, have already committed to divest. Cambridge sees itself as a leader among British universities, but on the issue of divestment it is clearly in grave danger of being a laggard.

"Two years ago the administration dodged the issue by failing to act on a call from more than 130 academics to move towards serious action. Now, with double that number of academic supporters signing up to a motion to its ruling body, it appears there is recognition that in the age of climate emergency this issue is not going to go away.

"The administration have to up their game. That’s what the academic body is saying – and despite appearances Cambridge University is actually a workers’ cooperative. And that’s also what the students are saying, with a strong campaign demanding action, as are the young people of our city through the climate strikes."

Jeremy Caddick is available for interview. Please contact the Green Party Press office on 0203 6919401 or

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