EU election launch: Greens are the strongest pro-EU party

8 May 2019

It is time to say Yes to Europe and investing in communities and No to climate chaos

The Green Wave is growing in strength after spectacular local election results

The Green Party of England and Wales has today formally launched its campaign for the EU election on the 23rd of May, setting out its position as the strongest pro-EU party.

Co-leader Sian Berry told a packed press conference: "Our message to the people is very simple: It’s time to say Yes to Europe, Yes to investing in communities, and No to climate chaos.

"It’s also about saying a very loud No to the failed Brexit project, and yes to transforming our society to one that puts people first.

"The Brexit project led by Nigel Farage has capitalised on the neglect of our communities and unleashed the darkest elements onto our nation, bringing them dangerously close to the mainstream.

"The far-right are now a sickness in our politics. But the Greens, full of hope and with a vision of the future that has faith in people’s best instincts - we are the cure.

"The Greens are the strongest pro-EU party."

Co-leader Jonathan Bartley added: "If you thought last week’s local election results for the Greens were good, let me tell you - the Green Wave is growing in strength and there is much more to come.

"This is our moment, and we’re ready for the best election we’ve ever had. Every Green MEP elected from our brilliant team of candidates will be a commanding voice calling for what this country needs now: a People’s Vote.

"We need to go back to the people, to you, to get politics moving again.

"We need more Green MEPs who will take real and meaningful action on what has caused Brexit.

"We have to listen to those who voted to Leave and address the problems and neglect that so many communities are going through, right across Britain.

"As the local elections showed, Greens deliver for local communities. We won so many seats because we are building up credibility and trust, because Green councillors work hard and change things for the better in their areas." (1)

Jonathan and Sian are available for interviews. Please contact or 0203 6919401

(1) In the local elections last week in England, the Green Party more than doubled its number of council seats, winning representation on 51 new councils.

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