Sian Berry on Labour launch: Yes, a People's Vote is potentially healing. But voters need certainty, not fudge

9 May 2019

Sian Berry, co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, has responded to the Labour European election campaign launch this morning.

She said: “What we wanted to hear from the Labour leader was a commitment to free movement and the People’s Vote on any deal. But we were again disappointed. Instead have been served more of the fudge we are used to from him on Brexit.

"Jeremy Corbyn is right to say that a referendum could be a healing process, although of course it depends whether people have a proper choice in that referendum, which has to include remain on the ballot paper.

"Giving the people the final say has been Green Party position ever since the last referendum and Labour clearly is still refusing to back that option, the only democratic way forward from where we are today.

"From what has been previously said, it appears that remain on the ballot is not what Labour has in mind. And it also seems that their position is still that should by some miracle they get their own deal, they are not going for a People's Vote.

"This fudging is just the sort of behaviour that has got so many voters angry and frustrated."

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