Green Party action at St Pancras today: Call for affordable, convenient European train travel

18 May 2019

Let the train take the strain, says Green Party deputy leader

Young Green action coordinated with German compatriots

Green Party deputy leader Amelia Womack will today (Saturday 18th of May) join London Young Greens to demand that train travel from London across Europe be made more convenient and cheaper.

They will be protesting outside St Pancras station, calling for improvements in rail travel, rather than cutbacks. This follows the recent announcement that sales of relatively cheap “through” tickets to German, Austrian and Swiss destinations will end. (1)

Amelia said: “Huge numbers of young people don’t want to fly but want to take advantage of the free movement now available to them as citizens of the European Union. It is possible to travel by train to and from most destinations in Europe, as Nobel Prize-nominee Swede Greta Thunberg showed on her recent visit to Britain.

“I know this personally, having been to the South of Italy, Berlin and many other European destinations by train.

“But the price makes it prohibitive for many, particularly young people. That flying is so much cheaper in pound terms, even though it is costing us the Earth, is a massive policy failure of their elders. Aviation is massively subsidised through lack of fuel tax and VAT.

“That costs the Treasury billions, and helps push people into the air, when for many journeys rail would be a far more convenient and pleasant way to travel.”

Amelia added: “The Young Green event is being held in coordination with a similar German Young Greens event, reflecting the way in which as part of the European Greens, we work cooperatively across the continent.”

Greens across Europe are also campaigning for the restoration of sleeper trains, to make longer journeys more practical and convenient, a campaign that has met with success in Sweden. (2)

For further information contact the Green Party press office,, 0203-6919401. To cover the protest on the day, contact Matthew Hull, 0785 615783.


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