Lewes Liberal Democrats hand power to Tories

21 May 2019

Lib Dems back away from deal for anti-Tory alliance

They actively obstructed a plan to put people, planet and place ahead of party politics, says Green leader

Zoe Nicholson, leader of the Green group of councillors on Lewes District Council, tonight expressed frustration and anger at the actions of Liberal Democrats in refusing to join an agreed co-ooperative alliance for the council, which included Labour and independent councillors.

She said: “The Liberal Democrats actively obstructed the proposed move to put people, planet and place ahead of party politics, leaving control with the Tory Party administration.

“Over the past two weeks Greens took the leadership and put people first and party second. We developed an agreement that met every one of the Liberal Democrat Group’s request for equality in decision making, to implement their manifesto and that of the other groups. We agreed to them taking over the leadership in a year. Every one of their ideas and needs we built into the agreement.

“Throughout the local election they told voters that they were the party that was ready to govern, the only choice was between them and Conservatives, but it seems that they really aren’t ready to step up. People will feel very let down.

“I would like to thank our Independent and Labour colleagues who have been so supportive of the alliance that we developed together. It takes courage and conviction to step forward to lead. I have had so many messages of support for this approach, we will continue to do what is right for our local communities.”

Alexandra Phillips, Green party candidate for the South East in the European election on Thursday, said: “I am sure many Liberal Democrat voters in Lewes, and potential voters in the European elections across our region and beyond, will be disgusted by the actions of the Liberal Democrats in Lewes.

“The people of Lewes were looking for a change. That’s how they voted. Instead they’ve found that voting Lib Dem delivers more of the same, old, disastrous politics of obfuscation and narrow party interest.”

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