‘Green Wave’ Party conference in Scarborough starts tomorrow

6 June 2019

The Green Party ‘spring’ conference will open tomorrow (Friday) in Scarborough, with a big celebration congratulating all of our new MEPs and councillors (3.45pm).

Co-leaders Sian Berry and Jonathan Bartley will be reinforcing the “yes to Europe, no to climate change” message in their speeches on Saturday, as the party celebrates spectacular European and local election results, and polling putting us on 12% in general election voting intention.

Jonathan said: “This is a tremendous exciting time to be a Green. The Green Wave, driven by the demand for action of our climate emergency and the pressing human needs causes by inequality and poverty, is pushing through Europe.

“We offer policies designed to reinvigorate our communities, the democratic process and our natural environment.

“Greens know that the politics of hope is what people need. We stand against the politics of fear, the rhetoric of division and xenophobia pushed by the far right.”

Sian added: “We acknowledge the concerns in communities up and down the country, like those in North Yorkshire, where large numbers of people voted leave in 2016.

“They are concerned about low wages and insecure employment, about filthy air and unaffordable housing, about the destruction of the natural environment that they see going on daily around them.

“Distant Westminster doesn’t speak to their concerns, is tied up in internal party wrangling and acts in the interests of big businesses rather than communities. It starves the poorest and most vulnerable of funds while enhancing the incomes of multinational companies and rich tax-dodgers.

“Transformational change is inevitable, and we offer policies that deliver for the common good, while looking after this fragile, overstretched planet.”

Other highlights:

Friday 3pm Deputy leader Amelia Womack’s speech

Friday 4.30pm Mobilising the climate emergency, a panel chaired by MEP Molly Scott Cato

Saturday Noon “Our Europe” rally with local and regional “Stop Brexit” groups

Saturday 1pm Co-leaders Jonathan Bartley and Sian Berry joint speech.

Saturday 3.15pm A UK Green New Deal, from idea to reality, a panel chaired by Caroline Lucas MP

Sunday 3.15pm Ocean pollution and the future of our seas panel

Saturday and Sunday 10-11am Members will be joining the local Sea Swim group for a dip

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