Green MEP Magid Magid calls for justice for Orgreave

15 June 2019

The Green MEP for Yorkshire and Humber Magid Magid today will join the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign 35th anniversary rally.

He said: "Last year, as Lord Mayor of Sheffield, I was proud and honoured to dedicate one of my monthly campaigns towards demanding an immediate enquiry into this injustice from home secretary Sajid Javid. This year I will be joining thousands at the rally on Saturday to wholeheartedly reiterate that demand.

“Thirty five years after the grave abuse of state power and injustice of Orgreave, I commend everyone joining the community today to march for justice.

"The Green Party backs campaigners’ calls for an independent inquiry into the police brutality on that day.

“Coming to a clear and honest acknowledgement of what happened in the past is important in its own terms, to achieve the closure that the Hillsborough survivors and their families have won through hard campaigning. Orgreave deserves the same.

“There are still grave concerns about the behaviour of the police and security services in the UK, towards a wide range of communities, including black and minority ethnic communities and those from economically disadvantaged areas.

“Addressing the past is also a way of confronting the continuing abuses of the present, and by campaigners around many different campaigns uniting and supporting each others work, we all progress more effectively towards the goal of justice and respect for human rights and the law from the authorities.”

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