Heathrow expansion consultation: Green Party says ‘no way’ is the only answer

18 June 2019

Reacting to the opening of the consultation on Heathrow expansion this morning, the Green Party’s co-leaders have said this should not be happening.

Sian Berry, co-leader of the Green Party and its candidate for London mayor, said: "The only answer to the Heathrow consultation is ‘no way’.

"Aviation clearly has to contract, not expand, while we need to promote and encourage cleaner options like train travel, which could replace many Heathrow flights.

“Huge numbers of Londoners already suffer from the noise and air pollution from Heathrow, see their transport systems overloaded and their lives disrupted.”

Jonathan Bartley, Green Party co-leader and Lambeth councillor said: "We are in a climate emergency.

“The Committee on Climate Change has already said a net-zero carbon target means the government has to rethink aviation expansion.

“This is something the government has clearly failed to grasp. From airport expansion to new roadbuilding, fracking to allowing homes with dreadfully poor energy standards to still be built, its actions are a direct opposite to its words. They are a betrayal of our society.”

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