Green Party stands firmly behind March for Change in London on July 20th

3 July 2019

The Green Party is strongly backing the March for Change, which is saying "stop the Brexit chaos",  in London on July 20th, with many members from around the country expected to travel to the capital to show their passionate support.

Sian Berry, co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, said:

“With the Tories careering the country towards a disastrous no-deal Brexit, it’s never been more important to come together to celebrate our place in the European Union, and show the next Prime Minister that there’s no public mandate for crashing out.

“The levels of inequality and injustice across Britain are unforgivable, and millions were right to demand change. But Brexit is not the solution.

“Greens have been unwavering in our support of Britain's place in the European Union. We won’t apologise, we won’t compromise and we won’t capitulate to the far right.

“On July 20th, we are proud to march in solidarity with millions across the continent who know we are all citizens of the world.”



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