'Abject failure' from the Government: Caroline Lucas responds to Committee on Climate Change report

10 July 2019


Responding to the release of the Committee on Climate Change report released this morning that concludes (1) that of 33 key sectors, none show good progress in managing climate change risk, Green MP Caroline Lucas said: "This damning verdict from the Committee on Climate Change underlines the Government's abject failure to deliver the policies needed to meet our climate targets. 

"Words are cheap - what we need are the bold and ambitious policies that climate experts and campaigners have been urging for years.  The Government's ongoing refusal to face the reality of climate breakdown and deliver what the science demands is a betrayal of our young people who have been taking to the streets to demand urgent action.

"While Ministers have repeatedly tried to claim credit for global climate leadership, warm words are no substitute for the real change that’s required.

"If Government is serious about delivering on its own rhetoric, it needs to urgently close the gap between words and reality.  It could make a start by dramatically changing the way we use land to restore natural habitats, democratically redesigning our transport system so we get more affordable accessible public transport rather than more runways and roads, and investing in a Green New Deal to rapidly decarbonise the economy and eradicate inequality."



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