Boris Johnson as PM - Green Party co-leader says 'don't despair, do politics'

23 July 2019

Sian Berry, co-leader of the Green Party, said: “Today the expected happened. We have Boris Johnson as our incoming Prime Minister, the second in a row chosen only by the members of the Conservative Party.

“I know many people today will be deeply worried and incredibly frustrated at the failures of our antiquated, undemocratic political system that have led us to this point.

“They are right to feel all of those things.

“But if we channel that frustration into a renewed focus on our determination to stop Brexit, our work listening and acting on the concerns of citizens across the country who have been damaged and sidelined by austerity, and our demands for action on the climate emergency, we can renew the UK.

"Boris Johnson is at the political extreme, a great distance from what the majority of British people want. That position is going to produce a strong reaction, a greatly strengthened demand for political change."

Sian continued:

"The Green Party vision is one that delivers a secure, stable life for people in every area and in every walk of life, within the physical limits of this one fragile planet.

“Don’t despair; channel the frustration and join the Green Party today. Don't let politics be something that is done to you, make politics what you do to make things better."

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