Green MP Caroline Lucas responds to Labour no-confidence proposal

14 August 2019

Responding to a letter received this evening from Jeremy Corbyn about co-operation in the coming month in parliament, Green MP Caroline Lucas said:

 “We absolutely support and welcome Jeremy Corbyn’s call for a vote of no-confidence in order to avoid the catastrophe of the so-called 'No Deal'.  Preventing a crash-out Brexit on the 31st October was what lay behind my proposal earlier this week.

"But the proposal from the Labour leader does not guarantee that the people are given the final say on Brexit.

"Holding a general election before a People's Vote is the wrong way around.

"Votes are cast in general elections on multiple issues, and the first-past-the-post system can and does create parliaments unrepresentative of the views of the people. The People's Vote would ensure everyone's voice was heard clearly on the single, crucial, issue of Brexit.”

Caroline added:

"I would back a vote of no-confidence if Jeremy Corbyn calls it, but what I ask him to do is to guarantee that if he fails to win the confidence of the House, even for a time-limited temporary Government, that he would commit to supporting an MP who can do that, then deliver the crucial letter to the EU asking for an extension of Article 50, then a People's Vote.

"After that is the time to hold an election, when voters can make the choice about their representatives to take the UK forward, dealing with the pressing issues within our country." 

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