Green Party calls for move away from failed 'War on Drugs'

15 August 2019


Responding to the news that drug-related deaths in England and Wales are the highest they have been since records began more than a quarter of a century ago (1), Green Party deputy leader Amelia Womack said:

“We are seeing in these figures the huge human cost of the ‘War on Drugs’, and the impact of cutbacks to treatment and prevention services following Westminster government austerity.

“It is striking the higher levels of deaths in the poorer regions of the UK, including in Wales. 

“Green Party policy calls for a different approach. We need to take a public health approach to the misuse of drugs, and protect individuals, communities and especially children at risk of exploitation through county line drug gangs.

“Our current unregulated, out-of-control, illegal drug distribution is linked to crime, violence and lives of misery.” 



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