Green Party Education Spokesperson: A-levels do not reflect 21st-century skills needs

15 August 2019

Commenting on today’s A-levels results, Vix Lowthion, Green Party Education Spokeperson and a secondary teacher who was with her pupils as they got the results this morning, said:

“This morning I was looking at the nervousness of students, teachers and parents and reflecting how A-levels are high-stakes testing.

“Pupils feel that their whole future is fixed in three exams taken in the summer heat. The working reality for adults is investigation, project work and in teams. Our qualifications system should reflect these 21st-century skills.

"A-levels instead emphasise the ability to memorise and pass tests.

Our society needs adults who can analyse, reflect and collaborate. These skills can be built through module tests and research.

"As a sixth-form teacher I know the hard work and stress A-levels can generate.

“My compassion and support if you're disappointed. Life's joys aren't only found through taking the straight and direct paths.”

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