Proroguing of Parliament is a cynical attempt to subvert the will of parliament.

28 August 2019

Jonathan Bartley, Green Party co-leader, commenting on the announcement from Boris Johnson this morning of plans to prorogue parliament, said:

“This is an outrage, a cynical attempt to subvert the will of parliament.

“It is clear there is already a huge public reaction against this, with signatures flooding in on petitions and plans being made for peaceful demonstrations at Westminster, which the Green Party will be supporting.”

“It is important that everyone doesn’t despair, but gets active instead. There are four key actors in this situation: the government, the parliament, the people and the courts.

“Certainly the first three, and probably the fourth, are going to have important roles – we want to encourage the people to be at the forefront, as should be the way in a democracy.

“There is no democratic way to deliver a crash-out Brexit. We need a People’s Vote: that is the most democratic way forward that hands the crucial issue back to the people.”

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