The Time is Now to Vote Green

29 October 2019


A vote for the Green Party is a vote for urgent action on climate chaos, a vote for a fairer Britain and a call for a final say on Europe with a People’s Vote.

We need a fairer society and a liveable planet. That can only happen through bold action to cut carbon emissions and protect the environment. This action starts at the ballot box.

This year the Green Party won record gains in council elections, grew its presence in Parliament and went over 50,000 members. We got two million votes in the European elections. That’s two million demands to tackle the climate emergency.

Our climate action is unparalleled. Caroline Lucas MP co-founded the Green New Deal. This empowers communities to be sustainable, supplying investment to achieve net zero carbon by 2030, creating jobs and homes and vastly improved public transport. Meanwhile, Parliamentary Candidate Carla Denyer first put forward the idea of a local area declaring a climate emergency, a call joined by over 270 local authorities to date.

Green Party Co-leader Sian Berry says: “Our record shows we are the only party that can be trusted to fulfil its promise on tackling the climate crisis, bringing carbon emissions down to net zero by 2030, decarbonising the economy with massive investment in green energy, clean technology and public transport.”

Global challenges need a revitalised Britain. We’ll address the underlying causes of Brexit; the division, the inequality, the spiralling bills and food banks. The only fair way to solve Brexit is a People’s Vote.

Green Party Co-leader Jonathan Bartley says: “We are the only party to be Remain from the start. Brexit means fewer protections for the environment, ends freedom of movement and tears up worker’s rights. We want a People’s Vote to decide our relationship with Europe based on what we know today, not what we were told three years ago.

“A vote for the Green Party is the most powerful vote you can cast. And every Green vote sends the message that we must push to remain in the European Union, do whatever it takes to tackle the climate emergency and radically transform the way we live and work for the better.

“With the growing awareness of the climate emergency the stakes in this election could not be higher. Every vote for the Green Party is a vote which says business as usual is no longer an option. The situation is urgent and the change we need to see must happen right now.”

This country needs Green leadership like never before. Where Greens lead, others follow.

The time is now for a People’s Vote. The time is now for a fairer Britain, for a society that works for everyone. The time is now to tackle climate chaos.

Vote Green on the 12th of December. If not now, then when?

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