Green Party will make large-scale environmental destruction a criminal offence

22 November 2019

Green MPs will fight for a new criminal offence of Ecocide, the Green Party’s Deputy Leader Amelia Womack has announced today.

The new criminal offence would punish severe, widespread and long-term environmental damage, and impose individual liability on company directors. 

This would include companies who are responsible for polluting rivers and oceans, companies involved in large scale deforestation of rainforests and polluting soils. 

Additionally, the Greens would work across the United Nations to recognise ecocide as an international Crime Against Humanity.

Amelia Womack, Deputy Leader of the Green Party, said: 

“Big companies can not get away with destroying the forests, rivers and oceans which all of us depend on. These are crimes and should be punished in law.

“Introducing a new law on ecocide will be a clear signal that we are moving away from our old polluting ways and recognising that we need to protect the environment for generations to come.

“Green MPs will fight for the law to treat large-scale environmental damage with the seriousness it so clearly deserves.”

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