Green Party issues three challenges to Jeremy Corbyn as he visits Bristol

9 December 2019

The Green Party has challenged Jeremy Corbyn to reverse Labour's plans for new nuclear, rule out regional as well as national airport expansion and to proactively campaign to remain in the European Union as he visits Bristol today [Monday 9 December].


Former Green Party leader and Brighton Pavilion candidate Caroline Lucas has demanded the Labour leader makes clear his position on each area and commits to rowing back on his party’s harmful policies.


The Labour Party currently supports expanding nuclear energy, despite its inherent dangers and the fact that it remains a costly distraction from faster, safer alternatives. Labour remains open to regional airport expansion and the local labour Mayor supports the deeply unpopular expansion of Bristol airport, a policy completely at odds with tackling the Climate Emergency.


The Labour Party has also failed to take a clear remain stance on Brexit, even though remaining in the EU provides the UK with the best chance to lead the fight against the Climate Emergency and to improve the lives of workers, low income families and refugees.


Lucas said: “The Labour Party needs to be honest about the damaging policies lurking in its manifesto. It is clear that it has a long way to go if it is to be considered to be truly standing up for the environment.


“Any party that is in favour of pursuing the conventional economic model of growth that got us in this mess in the first place cannot be relied on to lead the way in tackling the Climate Emergency.


“This is why it is more important than ever to elect Green MPs to hold both Labour and the Conservatives to account on the pledges they have already made, and to continue to push them forward on the most important issues we currently face.”

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