Green Party launches Commitment to LGBTIQA+ people

10 December 2019

The Green Party has launched a Commitment to LGBTIQA+ people on Tuesday 10th December 2019.[1]


This Commitment has been prepared by LGBTIQA+ Greens, a group of Green Party members who campaign for the rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex, Queer, and Asexual people. It sets out the policies contained in the Green Party Manifesto, with specific focus on the issues facing LGBTIQA+ people in the UK and around the world. 


The hard-hitting introduction states:

“The last two years have been an incredibly turbulent time. Brexit has paralysed the government and poisoned our public debate. There has been a 25% increase in sexual orientation-based hate crimes and a 37% increase in hate crimes against transgender people in the last year and government has failed to progress its LGBT+ Action plan. Under Boris Johnson this government threatens to go backwards.”


The Commitment picks out key areas of the Green’s manifesto including: health, education, refugee and migrant rights, and international relations.


On Refugees and Migrants, the Commitment says:


“The current government’s official policy has been to make life in the UK a hostile environment for refugees and migrants. Nowhere is this more clear than the treatment of LGBTIQA+ refugees.


“Despite promises for reform we repeatedly see LGBTIQA+ refugees subjected to humiliating interrogations and be deported back to danger. Since 2016 the Home Office has rejected thousands of claims for asylum over gender or sexual identity. Judges have told refugees they are “too religious to be gay” or not “effeminate enough”. This must stop.


“The government’s flirtation with a No Deal Brexit has also left EU migrants in a great deal of uncertainty. Many LGBTIQA+ migrants who came and built lives here face a bureaucratic and uncaring system. Green MP Caroline Lucas has led the way fighting against a crash out Brexit and the betrayal of EU migrants.


On Education, the Commitment says: 


“Combatting discrimination against LGBTIQA+ people needs to start in school. Children need to be taught that tolerance and acceptance are a vital part of our society.


“The protests against inclusive education have been heartbreaking. Young LGBTIQA+ people deserve to learn what healthy relationships look like, that being who they are is okay and that families come in all sizes.


“Without inclusive education we won’t be able to tackle bullying in schools or poor mental health for LGBTIQA+ people.”


Benali Hamdache, Co-Chair of LGBTIQA+ Greens, said:


“Back in 2018 Theresa May launched a bold promise to make LGBTIQA+ lives better. Since the launch of her LBGT+ Action Plan the government has totally failed to deliver any meaningful change. We are worried that, under Boris Johnson’s right-wing culture war, things will actually get much, much worse. 


“This is all against a backdrop of an increasingly toxic culture, with certain commentators becoming increasingly hostile to trans people.


“LGBTIQA+ Greens have been at the forefront of resisting. From protesting to lobbying decision makers, we’ve been fighting for the rights of LGBTIQA+ people. We’re proud of the progressive and inclusive values in the Green Party Manifesto. With your support and your vote we can champion these values and elect Greens committed to protecting and furthering all our rights.”

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