Green Party responds to appointment of George Eustice as new Environment Secretary

13 February 2020

Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley said:

“Theresa Villiers' time as environment secretary was short yet still managed to be a missed opportunity. The Environment Bill she introduced actually weakened environmental protections when it should have done everything it could to tackle the catastrophic collapse in nature we are currently facing.

“George Eustice has now been given one of the most important jobs in government at a critical time. However, here is a man who has regularly voted against measures to address the climate crisis, supported the sell-off of state owned forests and has received a donation from a director of a climate sceptic organisation.

“At a time when the UK must lead the way by placing environmental protections ahead of economic growth and prioritising the well-being of people and nature, this is yet more time-wasting by a Prime Minister who fails to understand the urgency of the climate crisis.”


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