Green Party peer Natalie Bennett responds to government's post-Brexit immigration plans

19 February 2020

Responding to the government’s proposals for its post-Brexit immigration plan, Green Party peer Natalie Bennett said:

“The UK has always been a country of immigrants and emigrants. This short-sighted and damaging proposal closes the door on both groups, for many countries will surely respond with similar restrictions on Britons. Immigrants contribute so much to our country’s prosperity and cultural and community life, we will all be the poorer under these plans.

“Whether it’s caring for us in hospital or providing day to day services we all rely on, migrants have played a huge role in making the UK a richer and more interesting country for all.

"Many traditional large and small business backers of the Tory Party are opposed to this move, and it is clear this is dog-whistle politics, playing to populist, discriminatory agendas.

“Instead of demonising migrants we should be recognising the immense contribution they make to this country and continue the free movement for EU citizens - with the corresponding rights for UK citizens across Europe. Young people should not have fewer freedoms and opportunities than their parents had.”


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