The climate emergency is not going away: Amelia Womack on the need for long term action on flooding

25 February 2020

Green Party deputy leader Amelia Womack said:

Just because the floodwaters will eventually go down doesn’t mean that the climate emergency is going away. We can’t only focus on floods when there’s a photo opportunity for a politician who has never used a mop in their life. This demands serious, long term action.

We can keep pouring concrete and building barriers, but the water will always find a way over as extreme weather gets worse and worse. What we need is better land management in the uplands, rewilding our countryside to make our environment more absorbent and resilient. 

Above all, we need to decarbonise by 2030, taking real climate action which stops our winters getting wetter and wetter. There’s no doubt about it - this is climate change, and it’s not just at our door, it’s in our living rooms. Only a Green New Deal can keep us on dry land.

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