Green Party reacts to postponement of May elections

13 March 2020

The Green Party has reacted to the news today that the local council and elections for Mayors scheduled for May, will be postponed for a year.

Co-leader of the Green Party Jonathan Bartley said: “The health and welfare of our members, activists and the wider community absolutely must be top priority. So despite being on course to make significant gains in May off the back of our 60% increase in vote share at the General Election in December, we are supportive of a postponement.

“The situation with Covid-19 is changing all the time and we hope that if this health crisis allows, the elections can happen sooner than May next year. We wouldn’t like to see an arbitrary delay followed through without good reason.”

Sian Berry, Co-leader of the party and Green candidate for London Mayor said: "The decision to postpone the elections is the right one. I hope they will be held as soon as practicable, and meanwhile all of us on the Assembly will focus on taking care of Londoners.

“The campaign for a Green Mayor and more Assembly Members will continue in good time.

"There is so much good work that new Greens could be doing in City Hall and across the country so it is important that democracy is not delayed any longer than absolutely necessary and, if we can go ahead sooner, we definitely should."

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