Sian Berry responds to Johnson's address

10 May 2020

Responding to Boris Johnson’s public address 10 May, Sian Berry said:

"We were told we were going to get a roadmap for the way forward today but the Prime Minster’s address was ambiguous and confusing. The shift to ‘Stay Alert’ from ‘Stay Home’ as a key message, offers absolutely no clarity and leaves people wondering what exactly it is they’re being asked to do.

"We said on Thursday and we maintain this evening, that while we understand and share the anxiety to get the economy moving and for people to see their loved ones, easing lock down too soon,which we strongly believe it still is, could lead to unnecessary deaths, a second peak and the overwhelming of the NHS.

"The 'world beating test, track and trace scheme’ which Boris Johnson referred to, must be a community shield which we’ve been advocating for, for weeks.

"The immediate outcry from key unions in the industries affected demonstrates that the implications for worker safety have not been either consulted or properly thought through.

"We are pleased to see the Government finally acknowledging the severity of the situation in care homes and now have expectations of immediate action to provide a clear plan for quarantining and routine testing of staff and residents.

"Staying at home will continue to save lives and protect the NHS so that’s the advice, until there’s more clarity on what the Government is actually trying to say, that we should be following."

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